Wine Gifts – Elegant, Thoughtful & Elite

Wine gifts are considered as one of the best gifts for men. They come in a variety of tastes, vintages, colors, wrappings, baskets, labels, corkscrews, stoppers, etc. Many types of wines are available in the market and a variety of vintage wines are sent as gifts.

Sending a wine gift is considered elegant and reflects upon the thoughtfulness of the sender of the gift. Wine gifts have become a symbol of elite gifting and hence are on the rise.

Generally four types of vintage wines are considered best for gifting for anniversaries, birthdays, diamond weddings, retirements and other special occasions. They are Madeira, Armagnac, Sauterne and Port. Madeira is a fortified wine. It has a long history, it was used to toast the American Declaration of Independence.


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It does not go bad with changes in temperature and can be stored up to 200 years. Armagnac is in essence a brandy and is made from distilled white wine in Bordeaux, France. Sauterne is a type of sweet wine distilled in an area near Bordeaux named Sauterne. Sauterne can be stored up to 100 years. The alcoholic content of this wine is less compared to other wines. It is sweeter than other wines due to its sugar content. Port wine is a fortified wine made in many different styles.

They are stored in oak casks up to 100 years. It may be noted that the wines are stored for a long time in special containers in special conditions for them to improve or cure and once the bottle is opened it is to be consumed within a day or up to a week depending upon the type of wine. There are wines other than the ones mentioned above like champagnes, red table wines, malt scotch whiskies and “celebrity wines” which are also gifted.

Wine gifts are generally given in a wine basket along with lobsters or other sea foods depending upon the taste of the recipient. Wines also have a proper serving temperature which vary according to the type of wine and is written on the bottle. Wine gifts are wrapped in attractive wrappings and sometimes designer cork lifters and wine stoppers are also gifted.

An assortment of wine related gifts are available in the market like crystal ice buckets, ice tongs, crystal glasses, wine racks, wine cabinets, wine furniture, wine decanters, wine totes, wine bags etc.

With the advent of internet wine gifts can be purchased online and are delivered on required date to the recipient.

Sending gifts by road works out much cheaper than sending by air, hence booking in advance is more cost effective. When the recipient’s wine taste is not known, presenting a wine gift certificate is better as the recipient will choose from an array of wines according to his liking on the company’s website.

There are many websites and companies providing gift certificates and door delivery. The wine gifts are available in a wide range of costs ranging from under 35$ to over 100$. Some companies customize the label on the wine as per order. Wine gift deliveries are not made to hospital patients and there are laws in different states on wine gift delivery.


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