The Chocolate Heritage Of Cadbury

Cadbury Chocolate is a name nearly everyone knows today. Whether they are dedicated chocolate fans, the occasional chocolate fiend, or those that have chocolate on occasion, the name Cadbury Chocolate is well known. Today you can find their name in grocery stores, candy shops, and many other special confectionary shops. And never forget there’s the Easter basket as well.

Cadbury Chocolate History

In the mid-nineteenth century, Frye and Sons of Bristol, England first formed a chocolate confection. In the early part of the twentieth century they combined with Cadbury. This makes present Cadbury Chocolates the direct descendants of the initial chocolates available in Europe.


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Years later in the late twentieth century Cadbury introduced the first milk chocolate bar. It’s not hard to say that Cadbury Chocolate is a leader in the chocolate industry. It began with John Cadbury establishing a status of first-class chocolate from the start. The heritage continues onto today.

Now Cadbury enjoys international appreciation as a leader among confectionaries. This worldwide following occurred over the last century and isn’t likely to change any time soon. They still lead in the UK as well. Their current commodities include chocolate bars, candies, drinks, and even dry powered chocolate.

Finding Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate’s renowned holiday offerings are known far and wide. The Cadbury Crème Egg is a chocolate delicacy to many available at grocery store counters everywhere. There are few that haven’t had these around Easter. They are driven to these crème filled chocolate eggs that have been around for a few generations and will continue to be a holiday staple for a long time to come. It’s their number 1 seller from January through Easter each year.

While Cadbury chocolate is available internationally, not all products are available in all countries.

The unique offerings in various markets make great gifts, snacks, seasonal delicacies, and many other Cadbury Chocolate desire fillers. If you want to be up on them all, you probably want to browse the World Wide Web for Cadbury Chocolate possibly beginning right here where you are now.

Their chocolate bars, eggs, and other mixed boxes are found at nearly every US grocery and candy store. History has kept them strong and they aren’t going anywhere. Besides the UK and US market; you will also find them when visiting Australia. They travel even on this smaller populated continent.


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A Cadbury Chocolate bar isn’t far off in too many places anymore.

So when Easter rolls around, don’t feel too unique or alone about feasting on the great Cadbury Crème Egg that many others do. It’s ok. Tell anyone else how Cadbury did it and you stand odds of saving face and maybe finding the frenzy isn’t yours alone. They also offer many other mixed chocolates for your Cadbury Chocolate feeding frenzies.

Now that you know there are even more Cadbury chocolate products, it won’t hurt to look around for many more. If history interests you, you may want to research even more on their times and candy that has made many delighted over the years.

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