California Wine Country: Your Overnight Accommodation Options

Are you interested in visiting California’s wine country? If you are, you may want to make arrangements to make it a vacation. After all, many wineries in the wine country area state that you should spend at least two days in the area. Since you are encouraged to spend as much time touring wine country as possible, you will want to review your overnight accommodation options.

Since Northern California’s wine country area is relatively large in size, you will find a large number of options, in terms of your overnight accommodations. With that being said, you are still encouraged to make your reservations well in advance of your trip. This is particularly true on the weekends. For that reason, you will want to take the time, now, to review all of your options.

Hotels are one of the most popular ways to stay in wine country. They are ideal because most are affordably priced. When renting a hotel room, you get the basics, such as beds, a television, and a bathroom. Although you may find an onsite restaurant, you will typically have to buy or prepare your own meals elsewhere. For those interested in spending every minute of the day outdoors, a hotel room is a nice accommodation.


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If you like the convenience that is associated with most traditional hotels, but want something more, you will want to examine vacation resorts. Vacation resorts come in a number of different formats. In California, they are commonly referred to as spa resorts, as many have onsite spas. What is nice about staying at a vacation resort is that you often gain access to great features, services, and other amenities. For example, you may gain access to an onsite spa, restaurant, laundry service, and so forth. Generally, vacation resorts are more elegant in nature than traditional hotels.

Inns are another one of your overnight accommodation options when visiting California wine country. Inns are defined as lodging that serves both food and drinks to visitors.

Typically, you will find that most inns are known for their food and drinks, but they also happen to offer overnight accommodations above the bar or restaurant. For many, inns are a great option when hotels or vacation resorts are filled up with reservations.

Similar to inns, are bed and breakfasts. Bed and breakfasts are overnight accommodations that are popular in wine country. This is because many bed and breakfast establishments are scattered all throughout wine country, making them conveniently located.

In fact, many bed and breakfasts are located right on the property of some wineries. One of the many appeals of bed and breakfasts is the small home like feel. The only downside to staying at a bed and breakfast is their popularity, as they are typically small in size.

Vacation rentals are another option that you have when looking to visit California wine country. Vacation rentals are one of your most expensive options, but many recommend vacation rentals. Vacation rentals come in a number of different formats, including homes, cottages, and villas. What draws many tourists to vacation rentals in the wine county area is their privacy.

Due to having the ultimate level of privacy with most vacation rentals, like homes and cottages, they are ideal for those traveling to wine country with the purpose of achieving romance.


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RV park and public campgrounds are another one of the many options that you have when looking to visit California wine country. RV parks are ideal for motor home owners or renters who must travel a long distance or for those who plan to stay in the area long.

Public campgrounds are nice, as they accommodate to both RV owners and traditional tent campers. For many, camping is another fun activity all on its own. Camping is also one of the cheapest ways to stay overnight in California wine country.

As outlined above, you have a number of different options, when looking to travel and stay in wine country.

If you are on a budget, you may want to examine all of the above mentioned options and compare the cost of each.

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